Drain Tile Repair

Waller Plumbing is the go to drain tile repair service provider in the Vancouver, BC area. Our family owned and operated business offers same day servicing, guaranteed quality, upfront and fair pricing and efficient repairs.

Residential Drain Tile Systems

Homeowners understand that maintaining their drain tile system is challenging. Many people forget to perform routine checks and maintenance on the system, until it begins to show visible signs of damage.

Maintenance is so crucial to keeping a drain tile system functioning correctly. Waller Plumbing does offer maintenance services to homeowners. In instances where a problem is already apparent, our plumbing experts will find an efficient solution.

Professional Repairs

Waller Plumbing professionals can determine the cause of a leaky basement or other signs of drain tile system damage. We have top of the line equipment, highly trained professionals and the ability to diagnose, repair and future proof your system.

Every time we arrive at a home for drain tile repair, we conduct a thorough inspection of the system. We go through a checklist of potential issues and warning signs. It allows us to understand the full state of your system, while determining the root cause of the problem you are experiencing.

We locate your underground piping, assess the problem and ensure that it is comprehensively resolved.

Repairing Older Systems

Many older houses in Vancouver have a single sectional clay pipe placed beneath the ground. Water collects into the pipe and flows to the sump that is typically located in the basement floor.

The storm water then goes back out and connects with the sewer line. It is a drain tile system that serves to handle the underground and rainfall water coming from the roof. Such a system experiences a heavy load, especially if it is not maintained for several years at a time.

We understand how to repair such systems. If you are lucky, a few repairs and maintenance steps may be enough to get your system running optimally again. It is a low cost repair that does not take very long to complete.

Drain Tile System Upgrades

Unfortunately, some systems are beyond repair. Waller Plumbing will never recommend repairing a system if we know it will not last in the long term. In these instances, our team will work with you to determine the system that best fits your needs and your budget.

Our drainage expertise is invaluable in building a new system to keep your basement dry, preserve your home foundation and ensure water is being moved through and out of the property in an orderly fashion.

We remove all the old drain tiles without damaging your property. Our experts complete the installation of the new system, check its functionality and ensure it is future proofed for decades to come.

If you are concerned about the performance of your drain tile system, it may be time to contact Waller Plumbing. Our professionals are available by appointment, while we also offer an emergency service.

We service the entire Vancouver, BC area, providing an affordable and efficient drain tile repair service.