Pitt Meadows Plumber

24/hr Service - Commercial & Residential

Whether a water heater has failed, pipes are leaking, the septic tank needs pumping or the furnace isn’t doing its job, we’ll be able to help. Our team of licensed and certified plumbers will be able to inspect and repair all of those problems, and more. At Waller Plumbing, we’re proud to be the local plumber Pitt Meadows home and business owners turn to first for help.

The Things We Can Do For You

Our 24 hour plumbers are open weekends and evenings and provide services such as:

  • Drain tile repair
  • Repair and servicing of septic tanks
  • Hot water tank repair or installation
  • Inspection and repair of water mains and sewer lines

No matter what plumbing service you have need of, we can repair, inspect, and replace what is needed to get your home back in working order! No one wants a flooded basement due to drainage problems, or cold showers every morning because of a broken heater.

With our help, you can remove that stress from your life and get back to what really matters.

What Working With Us Looks Like

We come to your home fully prepared to handle any problems with the plumbing. So, whether you need a leaky pipe or a running toilet fixed, we’ll be there to determine the source of the problem and explain the situation to you. We are upfront and transparent about our work, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Then we professionally fix the problem, clean up after ourselves, and leave your home with the problem fixed and no hidden fees or mess for you to clean up. Call Waller Plumbing today!