Water Main Replacement

The first sign of a water line or main leak is a stream of water outside the home. Other signs include low water pressure. On discovering the issue, it is important to contact a professional for immediate assistance.

Waller Plumbing provides affordable and professional plumbing services. Our water main servicing, repair and replacement programs can help ensure your plumbing system remains fully functional.

Water Main Leaks

If you notice unusual puddles of water in and around your home or business, you may be concerned about a water main leak. The good news is the problem may not be as bad as you expect. The best thing that you can do is contact a professional plumber for assistance.

Our professionals can perform a sound test on your pipe, which will help assess whether a leak is present. Other tests include shutting off the running water and performing a sound test with a sonoscope. Our experienced and certified plumbers have diagnosed and repaired many water main leaks over the years, allowing us to quickly spot the issue when we arrive at your location.

Water Main Breaks

A water main leak or break can result in some serious damage if left unattended. To avoid a major headache, contact Waller Plumbing for immediate assistance. We are available 24/7 for emergencies, or we can book an appointment at your earliest convenience if the issue is less time sensitive.

Issues with the water main are usually the result of long term wear and tear. Cracks and deterioration may occur because of cold temperatures over time, earth settling or old age. Sometimes it takes a water main break for a home or business owner to realize they had not gotten it replaced in decades.

Some signs of a water main break include:

  • A drop in water pressure: The flow of water to your showers, faucets and sinks may randomly reduce or increase, indicating a leak or break in the main.
  • Drainage issues: When water drains slower than usual, it typically means there is a buildup or blockage.
  • Water discoloration: If there is a rust-brown color to the water that first comes out of a tap, it is a sign that dirt or corrosion is getting through cracks in the main.
  • Water backflow: If there is a reserve flowing of water in any part of your system, it could indicate a very serious issue with the main.

Examination and Servicing

Our team starts by examining the issue on your property, determining whether you have a leak or break to your water main. Through quality materials and excellent workmanship, we assess whether you need to replace your water main or have it repaired.

Waller Plumbing can handle water main repairs and replacement with minimal fuss. We provide you with a detailed explanation of why your water main needs replacing, while our team gets the necessary equipment to install the replacement.

If you are noticing any signs that your water main may have a leak or crack, do not hesitate to contact Waller Plumbing in Vancouver.