Wet Basement Repair

As soon as you notice your basement getting wet, it’s time to call us immediately. Though it may seem like a tiny bit of water, water sitting in your basement or crawl space is a serious problem, and the longer you wait, the worse the damage is going to be.

The main sources that water leaks through a foundation are:

  • Backed up storm sewers
  • Surface water
  • Groundwater in soil
  • Washing machine hose or water tank failures
  • Faulty sump pump

No matter where the water is coming from, we will find the leak and fix it before any more damage is done.

What to Do After Your Basement Has Flooded

Prevention doesn’t matter at this point. Getting your home cleaned up after water damage has occurred is the most important thing to do.

Call Waller Plumbing for fast sewage and water damage clean up. We are available every day to help with:

  • Removing broken pipes, failed fixtures and appliances
  • Repair failed water heaters and broken pipes
  • Fix leaks from faulty appliances
  • Fix sewage backups

Interior Solution: Sump Pump Repair & Installation

If your basement has experienced any moisture or wetness, a sump pump is the best way to protect your home. Sump pumps collect groundwater and redirect it from your home, removing the threat of water flooding your crawl space or basement.

If your sump pump is not working well or you need one installed, our team of certified plumbers can help both residential and commercial property owners. And we can do it the same day.

  • Repair

We will find and fix the cause of your sump pump’s failure. We can also offer maintenance that will preserve the life of your sump pump and reduce the chance of another failure.

  • Replacement

If there’s nothing we can do to salvage the broken sump pump, we can replace it with an appropriate unit for your property’s foundation and surrounding water table.

  • Installation

Have a new home or building? Installing a state-of-the-art sump pump to keep your basement dry is the best thing to keep your basement and crawl space safe.

Adding a sump pump to your home is like adding another layer of flood insurance!

Exterior Solutions: Drainage and Discharge Lines

Your home’s drainage system is your first line of defense again water finding its way into your home. Properly maintaining that system prevents water seepage that can have disastrous effects on the foundation of your home.

The opening of your discharge line is a weak point that small animals nest in or hoard food for the winter, which results in a clogged line. We can keep small animals and debris away.

Though your sump pump is a necessity, it may not always be enough. To help it last longer and avoid burnout, we offer these exterior preventative services:

  • Downspout installation
  • Downspout extensions
  • Grated discharge outlets

It’s never a good idea to ignore patches of moisture or water in your basement, because serious problems can occur. Mold and fungus can grow in your basement, causing health problems.

Call on Waller Plumbing to get rid of humidity and moisture before it becomes a threat.